Resume of Principal


Mr. L. David Montague, an independent consultant, is retired President of the Missile Systems Division at Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. and a former officer of Lockheed Corporation. He has more than ten years experience in the general management of large product organizations. A member of the National Academy of Engineering, Mr. Montague has more than 40 years of background in design, development and program management of military weapon systems, particularly ballistic missiles, and ballistic missile defense systems. In addition to his development expertise in both tactical and strategic strike and defensive systems, his experience includes the requirements, development, and policy issues of strategic forces and defense systems to protect against weapons of mass destruction.

A graduate of Cornell University Mr. Montague is a fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and received that Institute's Missile Systems Award. Mr. Montague has served on numerous government advisory groups and studies, including eight years on the Navy Strategic Systems Steering Task Group, various Naval Studies Board committees, and task forces for both the U.S. Army and the Defense Science Board. He is currently a member of the National Research Council Naval Studies Board and the Los Alamos National Laboratory Director's Senior Advisory Group.

Technical background

Expert in complex systems engineering, effectiveness, integration and management of ballistic and cruise missile systems, UAVs, as well as exo and endo-atmospheric interceptors engaging these classes of threats.

Knowledgeable about surveillance, threat detection and cueing technology, application of that data for offense and defense system employment and evaluation of foreign missile technology.

Expert in strategic and tactical stand off weapon system definition, threat assessment, requirements, measures of effectiveness, weapon system synthesis, design, test and evaluation, production, deployment and utilization. Includes knowledge of current and emerging technologies for guidance and control, targeting technologies and surveillance capabilities and the application of that data for strike engagement planning, weapon targeting through weapon on target and post strike damage assessment.

Participation in national boards and studies

US Army Advanced Ballistic Missile Defense Agency Minuteman Site Defense Study 1970

National Research Council Navy Studies Board committee on Advanced Weapons Concepts for the 21st Century, circa 1987

Georgetown CSIS Study on Deterrence and Stability into the 21st Century 1987

DSB task force on Strategic force Modernization 1988, Issues for Strategic force modernization

DSB Task force - Strategic Forces and Supporting C3I 1990

DSB TBMD summer study 1991

Member Steering Task Group, USN Director Strategic Systems Projects. 1988-1996

Naval Studies Board Committee to assess Navy Undersea Weapon Science and Technology, 1999

Naval Studies Board Committee to assess Navy Theater Missile Defense Capabilities 2000

Member of Panel chartered by the American Physical Society to study the technology and science of Boost Phase Systems for National Missile Defense July 2001 to April 2002

Member Naval Studies Board Committee for the Role of Experimentation in Building Future Naval Forces 2002

Member Naval Studies Board Committee for the Role of Distribute Remote Sensors for Naval Undersea Warfare 2005